Header image Copyright/Acknowledgement
Sculpture: Beverly Tadeu; ‘Brain Uncaged’; sterling silver, 18k gold; 2 x .75 x .75″; © 2009. Photographic artwork: Sherry Loveless; © 2009.

About the Blog Image and Logo:
The image is a photograph by Sherry Loveless of the precious metal sculpture by artist Beverly Tadeu entitled Brain Un-caged, created especially for this project.

The notion of the brain situated in a cage symbolizes the issues, questions and paradoxes of neurosecurity: Is the cage a protective device, that keeps harm out, and if so, what of the vulnerability of its open side? Or, is the cage a restricting device, that strips away the ability to hide, enables unconstrained observation and manipulation, and yet imparts isolation? And does the open door provide access or escape?

Perhaps, it is both…

For additional examples of Beverly Tadeu’s work, and/or to contact the artist, see: bt@beverlytadeu.com and http://www.beverlytadeu.com.


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