To my readers:

I’ve been a bit out of the loop and off line for a few weeks, as I was in the midst of setting up my new “home away from home” as Fulbright Visiting Professor of Neuroscience, Neurotechnology, and Ethics at the Human Sciences Center of the Ludwig Maximilians Universität in both Munich, their Peter Schilffarth Institute in Bad Tölz, Germany, where I’ll be through the end of February 2012.

I’ll be working with colleagues here to address some interesting developments in adaptive assistive neurotechnologies, integrative neurosciences, and the neuroethical issues they foster, and will be lecturing here at the Uni, as well as in Berlin, and Bonn.

Thanks for your patience while I was setting up shop (and our new apartment), getting into the swing of my lecture schedule, empirical studies and meeting with students, and getting my brain used to flipping between German and English back and forth throughout the day.

I’ll get back to blogging later this week or early next.  ’til then…Prosit und herzlichen Glückwunsche aus Bayern!